Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Original Ki is Your Silent Master

The second important thing to know about ki is that this pure, original ki which created the universe is within you right now.  You are one with this energy.  I call your awareness of this energy presence within you the Silent Master or Silent Master Consciousness.  In my first book, Seven Steps to Inner Power, I described your Silent Master in six "Images."  Here are the first three images, which summarize the nature of your connection to the universal life force.  
[Read the following carefully, and think about them deeply...]  

Your Silent Master is your Real Self, your original Self.  It expresses Itself ;through your thinking, though true Ideas and thoughts in your mind.  It is your eternal Selfhood that exists apart from your brain ( which is a sensory processor only) and the personality traits imposed on you from your environment.  

Your Silent Master Consciousness was born out of the infinite Life Force creating and animating the Universe.  You exist as a part of the Universe; therefore, It is the Life Force creating and animating you.  It is the power that beats your heart.  Because you are this Consciousness, whatever qualities the Life Force possesses, you possess also.  

Your Silent Master Consciousness knows Itself to be immaterial in substance, but It also takes form (manifests) as your physical body and the material world around you.  Thus, you may describe yourself as being both immaterial (spiritual) and material (physical) at the same time.

These three images give you important information about your Silent Master to bear in mind as we continue to discuss ki energy throughout this book.  These images tell you how to contact your Silent Master.  Where is it?  In your own consciousness - not somewhere "out there."  Since your Silent Master energy is aware within you own mind, you can direct this energy with your mind.  

Also, since you and your Silent Master are one, you have the same qualities it has.  For instance, since your Silent Master energy is creative, you are creative.  You can create a life and environment in accord with your dreams and goals...  With your Silent Master's harmony, you can manifest forms of beauty... With your Silent Master's joy, you can experience unconditional happiness... 
with you Silent Master's love, you can appreciate your unique qualities and your one-of-a-kind individuality... With your Silent Master's power, you can be an actor instead of a reactor of victim.

And you can enjoy and express your Silent Master Consciousness while you are physical.  you don't have to give up your physical being to know yourself as a spiritual being.  Since everything that exists is a manifestation of original ki energy, your can interact with the energy of your environment and the world around you to forge your own destiny.  

The First Element - Secrets to Maximizing Your Energy (5)
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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Ki is Creative

     First: it is creative energy.  Where does our universe come from?  Where do you come from?  What creates everything?  Ki ( sometimes spelled Chi, or Qi ).  Ki is all there is, and it transforms itself into you and the universe.  that is, Ki creatively takes form as - or you could say gives birth to - not only the material universe, but also other kinds of energies which we experience generally as our physical body, our emotions, our mind, and our spirit.  You and all the elements of the universe, are born out of this original, universal energy.

Even the so-called man-made objects we construct, such as autos, furniture, and clothing, are made of energy, because they are synthesized from elements appearing naturally in the universe.  Nothing, then, is truly man-made.  The original universal ki transforms into earth elements, and we transform the earth elements into objects.  when man-made objects disintegrate, as all objects do in time, they lose their form and dissolve back into their original energetic elements.

    Think about this book you're holding.  the ink came from natural earth and minerals.  The paper came from a tree, and the tree also came from earth, with the natural sun, water, and air nourishing it.  to make this book we did not create the elements, but simply rearranged them.  

 The First Element:  Secrets to Maximizing your Energy (3)

Monday, January 16, 2017

Ki Is Inner Power

  What is ki?  In two words, ki is inner power!  The breath of life, the power of the universal life force manifesting in you.

   Later in this chapter I will share with you a story of how one of my students worked to develop his ki power and turned a suicidal life into one filled with joy, radiance, and achievement.  Like my student, you can learn to access and increase your ki power.  But sometimes it shows its power to you before you even know what it is.  Have you heard stories about people who perform amazing feats of strength or endurance, such as a mother who lifts a car off her child trapped underneath?  Or perhaps you've ;heard of a person who walks several miles on a broken leg to seek help... or a feeble person who suddenly finds the strength to break down a door in a fire... or a person with terminal cancer who suddenly experiences total remission.
   Perhaps you have had a similar experience, where you unconsciously shifted gears and utilized a powerful energy way beyond your ordinary expectations.  You may have marveled afterwards,  "Wow, how did I do that?"  And maybe you were disappointed to find you couldn't do it again so easily.  maybe you decided your performance was just a fluke.
   These instances are usually called "miracles" of one sort or another.  But they are actually evidence of an inner power we all possess!  Ki Power.  Ki ( pronounced key ) is an oriental term for energy.  Ki in its pure originals form is the very life force of the universe, they energy which creates life and sets everything in motion:  they swirling of galaxies, the birth of stars, they hatching of an eagle's egg, the blooming of  flower, the infant growing into an adult...
all these things are evidence of universal ki energy manifesting as life and motion.

by Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim
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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Chapter One - What is Ki?

What is Ki?

Everywhere I look,
I am already there.
Everywhere I move, 
I m already dancing.
Everywhere I feel,
I am already vibrating,
Everywhere I show myself,
I am already Loving.

By Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim
Page 1, First Element
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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Tae Yun Kim - "Time is Life"

I have been very fortunate to be Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim's student and instructor.  Even after many years I am still learning from her.  As we age, she emphasizes our health, and also our death.  I have never really wanted to think about death.  It feels like such a depressing subject.  But it is unselfish and fruitful to realize that our time is limited, and plan for it.

Just based on aging, our time is limited.  We all have limit, especially to the life we have where we can be healthy, take care of ourselves and live an active life.  So, do I have 10 years, or 20 years, or 30 years?  We all have a limit.  We are all dying.  But this has caused me to really dig deep, and try to deal with the emotion and consequences before anything happens.  I have found, there are a few major things to consider.

1. Your family and loved ones - Don't be selfish.  Take the time to plan out what will happen when you pass.  Be considerate of all those around you.

2. Plan out the next 10 years of your life - If you truly realize how short life is, plan out the rest of your life.  I used to think about setting 10 and 20 year goals.  Now I have to set only 3 to 5 year goals.  It makes me more focused on my goals, and gives me more courage to achieve my goals.  It allows me to be bolder, because time is limited.  Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim told me that life is time, and time is life.  Don't throw it away, it is all you have.

3. Build your legacy - Think about what you will leave behind.  Did you help people?  Did you make a difference?

4. Spirituality - The closer I get to death, the more I seek a deeper relationship with God.  There is so much beauty here in this world, and I believe we are here for a greater purpose.  I believe in spirituality, and that our spirit will live on.  We must prepare ourselves for this next spiritual trip.

Yours truly,
Ju Han
Student and Warrior of Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim

Sunday, September 23, 2012



Energy.  How many times a day do you hear that word?  Offices, restaurants, schools, everywhere you find people together, you hear people talking about energy.

That was a wonderful aerobics class, great energy!
The energy in this music is so exciting.
I love to be around Susan’s energy when I’m depressed.
Did you feel the hostile energy in the meeting yesterday?
Those colors are too low energy for this room
What can we do to energize this project and get it going?
Mr. Lee’s lectures are so high energy you don’t get tired.

When I do a demonstration such as described previously, I am actually working with different forms of energy, which we will discuss in greater detail throughout this book.
Yes, energy takes more than one form in this world we live in.  Although you may never have consciously defined energy, you certainly feel it come and go and affect you in many different ways.  That is why you can talk about it so easily even though you don’t really know what it is.
But what is it?
Where does it come from?  How is it we use this word to describe everything from nuclear power, to colors, to emotions?  And most importantly for readers of this book, what does energy mean in terms of understanding you own personal body, mind, spirit?  What does energy mean in terms of interacting with your environment, forming relationships, and creating your life?  When you finish this book, my hope is that you will know much more about the nature of your own energy, and how to use it to create a life fulfilling your deepest desires.

There is a universal Creative Force which brought the universe into existence.  It also brought you into being.  What is the essence of this Creative Force?  What it is made of?  Energy. 
The universal Creative Force is energy, which takes form as your individuality, your body, your mind, your spirit, your life, and your world.  This energy is called ki in many eastern traditions (pronounced Key, and sometimes spelled qi), prana in Indian or Hindu traditions, chi by the Chinese, and more recently life force in the west.
You and this creative life force of the universe – you and this original ki – are unified, fused together as the same field of energy.  Silent Master or Silent Master Consciousness is the expression I use to describe this original, pure life force, as it exists within you personally.  So your Silent master is your original Self, made of original universal creative energy; and you are this Self right now.  Your physical Self is just one part of your total energy field.  But if you aren’t aware that you are this universal ki energy…if you don’t know how much power is in this energy… if you don’t know you can direct this energy…if you don’t know, in short, that your Silent Master is your true, original Self, and the source of your personal ki energy…then you are most likely limiting your creative abilities.  On the other hand, if you are consciously aware of how to tap into your Silent Master Consciousness – and direct your pure ki energy – you might achieve far more than you presently dream possible.

In doing the bed of nails demonstration, I like to show people how limited their concept of energy might be. During that time, there are a lot of different energies coming at me all at once.  Gravity is pushing my back against the nails; biological energy is beating my heart and keeping my vital functions going; the potential energy of the material sledge hammer poised in the air is rapidly changing into powerful kinetic energy as it slams into the cinder blocks on my stomach; my mental energy is aware of this entire proceeding and of the necessity to protect myself; and my emotional energy is feeling possible dangerous consequences.
If I were to focus only on these energies, I could be limited to many commonly accepted expectations surrounding these energies.  Let’s say one general expectation is that gravity, plus my body weight, plus the force of the sledgehammer should cause the nails to puncture my back or at least hurt me.  The general expectation surrounding my mental energy is that I should know better than to put myself in that dangerous situation and I should get out of it, and the expectation surrounding my emotional energy is that I should be afraid.  So many “shoulds”!  I break what many people consider “rules,” and yet I do not suffer any consequences.  Why do you think this is?
The reason is, in my meditative state, I rise to my Silent Master Consciousness, where I am aware that my original ki is more powerful than these more limited forms of energy.  These limited forms of energy are subject to my control when I focus myself in my “higher” Silent Master energy, and I cannot get hurt.
Although this bed of nails demonstration shows that we can exercise more control over energies than we might have thought possible, there are far more important issues in your life.  For instance, what accepted expectations are pinning down your life right now?  Do the “rules” say that because you lost your job, there’s no way to make a living now?  Do you have a general expectation that you can’t have a successful relationship?  Or a fulfilling career? Or a healthier, more attractive body?  Do you think you have some good “reasons” why you should be more limited than you desire to be?  If so, it may be time to stand up to the sledge hammer coming down in your life, and demonstrate that you can utilize your own Silent Master energy to overcome limitation in your life!  It may be time to awaken your original ki, and learn how to purify and direct it.
Everything created was born out of the original universal life force and exists now as some form of energy.  So in order to exercise your ability to create the life you want, you need to exercise your energy!  Your ki is literally the key to shaping your life into the naturally fulfilling adventure you want it to be.
In the following chapters, my goal is to help you achieve a better understanding of your own ki so you can begin consciously developing and directing it.  We will approach ki from six different directions, each of which points to some area where ki is the key to creating freedom, happiness, and health.  Ki is the key to:

1.              energizing yourself with the pure, original creative life force of the universe, so you feel bright, vibrant, expressive and powerful.
2.              transforming yourself, creating the mind, body, and life you’ve always wanted.
3.              radiating positive energy into your environment, so that you reduce stress and discord, and promote peace and harmony.
4.              forming great relationships where you enjoy love without dependency and express individuality without conflict.
5.              staying healthy, feeling young, strong, and well balanced physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually.
6.              taking charge of your life so that you are a creator and an actor on your life path rather than a victim and a reactor.

Hopefully, as we go through these six different areas, you will emerge with a much deeper and expanded concept of energy!  There’s no doubt that energy is a popular buzzword in today’s world.  All you have to do is watch a few minutes of commercial advertising on television and you can see the value we place on “high energy.”  Cars, blue jeans, orange juice, batteries, soft drinks, even laundry detergents, you name it, are portrayed with dazzling images of highly energized joy and vitality.  Yet, is this your actual experience of energy in the environment of your everyday world?  Probably not. The source of this kind of joy and energy is deeper than these television images portray.  And certainly those images won’t automatically bring you instantaneous bubbling happiness and energy, although that is what the advertiser wants you to believe!
No, if you really want spontaneous joy, true happiness, and high energy, you must go to its true source: the pure original ki of your Silent Master Consciousness.  And this will undoubtedly require effort, persistence, and training on your part.  The martial art I created, Jung Su won, means “the way of uniting body, mind, and spirit in total harmony.”  Since Jung SuWon emphasizes harmony, it emphasizes energy training, because harmony is an energetic state of your Silent Master Consciousness!  So is love…so is beauty…so are joy, power, health, and vitality.
            The teachings in this book are some of the basics of my Jung SuWon training.  Much of this training I give to my students and those who attend my seminars, workshops, and Self Discovery Weekends.  Jung SuWon embraces truths which are also found in many other traditions all over the world.  One of my teachers, for instance, was a Buddhist master, but he never hesitated to voice many truths as they appear in the Bible.  I, too occasionally quote Bible passages, not for religious purposes, but because they express universal truths in a beautiful way.
            It is my sincere hope that my training and life experiences will help you take a step forward in unlocking your true energy.  Your own ki is the key to fulfilling your dreams and discovering your original Self, your Silent Master!
            You are energy. Energy is all around you, in you, traveling to you and from you. Energy is all there is!  Remember the parable in the Bible about the man who sells all he has to buy the one “pearl of great price”?  Your true energy is this pearl.  If you commit yourself to finding your Silent Master energy, you will have found the Source of all.  What could be more valuable than this?
            Even if it’s hard work, you can enjoy your walk on this path!  I believe that learning who you really are can ultimately be on of life’s most pleasurable and most important pursuits. 
            When your effort and persistence reward you with the peaceful inner joy of expressing your true talents and desires, I believe you’ll agree with me.  More and more, love who you are and celebrate the beating of your heart as life’s gift of energy to you.  Value each moment of your life as if it were the last, filling each minute with all the joy you can. My love supports you in every step you take, and my desire is that you discover your pure, original being, your silent Master Consciousness.

Dr. Tae Yun Kim, PhD

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Ch5: Ki and Your Health

Disease Is an Energy Disorder
Immunity Is Self Versus Not-Self
Changing Energy Can Bring Healing
Strengthen Your Immune System
Healing Involves All Your Bodies
A Sense of Separation Can Create Disease
Separation Is a Cause of Fear and Powerlessness
Separation Is a Cause of Conflict
Separation Is a Cause of Energy Blocks
Transform Your Diseased Energy States
Positive Energy Transforms Negative Energy
GainStrength: Learn from Your Pain